Christmas Gift Ideas 2022

Christmas Gift Ideas 2022

This Christmas, share some Aloha with friends and family with wearable pieces of paradise. With so many prints of styles to choose from, picking out the right give can be harder that it sounds. To help you get started, we've put together a list of our top gift ideas for this holiday season. Use discount code MELEKALIKIMAKA to get 10% off your order.


Cotton Jungle Bird - The famous Magnum PI shirt (aka Jungle Bird) has been around since the early 1980s. For most of its existence, it was made of 100% rayon. Late last year, we reintroduced the cotton version of this shirt and it has been wildly popular ever since. This shirt has appeared on both the original and new Magnum PI shows. 

Gift Idea - Cotton Magnum PI Shirt for Men

Ohia Navy - This print just came out in this past summer and it proved so popular that we had to increase our production of this shirt. It also comes in black and sage but it is this navy shirt that really stands out. 

Men's Ohia Hawaiian Shirt in Navy

White Ginger Peri - This striking design was introduced in summer 2022 and comes peri, red, khaki, and jade. All 4 colors are equally popular and choosing which color to get comes down to what color your gift recipient likes to wear. 

Men's White Ginger Hawaiian Shirt in Peri

Heliconia Paradise Cream - Another print that just came out is Heliconia Paradise which comes in red, black, and cream. We love how the flowers pop on the cream version giving the shirt a little extra tropical vibe. 

Gift Heliconia Paradise Men's Shirt in Cream

Star Orchid Black - This print has been around since the 1980s. In the original version, the flowers were packed much more closely together. The design was updated in the 80s to the current look and has been that way ever since. In late 2021, we introduced the shirt in a handsome navy color. And for next year, we're planning to introduce another color. By the way, this is also the shirt that Jay Hernandez wore in the last episode of Magnum PI Season 4

Gift Idea - Men's Star Orchid Hawaiian Shirt in Black

Calla Lily Purple - This shirt is a sentimental favorite of ours because back in the 1980s, Tom Selleck visited our office and picked out this shirt himself. Longtime employees remember him as being incredibly nice. We also love the shirt because it has a bit of a retro 70s look to it and it's purple. There aren't many purple Aloha shirts out there which makes this one even more special.

Gift Idea - Calla Lily Purple Hawaiian Shirt



Rainforest Spaghetti Dress - This cute red Rainforest spaghetti dress just came out for Winter 2022. The print was previously available in a long dress style and matching men's shirts

Gift Idea - Women's Rainforest Spaghetti Dress in Red

Ohia Long Dress - This print was an immediate hit when it came out earlier this year, especially in this elegant navy long dress. This print also comes in black and sage and is available in women's tops and mens's shirts.

Gift Idea - Women's Ohia Long Dress in Navy

Jungle Bird Tank Dress - Just like the men's shirt in this print, this mid-length tank dress is always a popular choice. It's fun, cute, and easy to wear whether going to a party of going on vacation. 

Gift Idea - Women's Jungle Bird Tank Dress in Red

Airbrush Bird of Paradise - We love the bold and vibrant colors of this camp shirt and think it makes a great gift for someone who is not shy about living the tropical flair. This top is also available in a stunning long dress and a cotton men's shirt.

Gift Idea - Women's Airbrush Bird of Paradise Camp Shirt

Heliconia Paradise Black - When this print came out earlier this year, it was only available as a men's shirt and a long dress. This new women's camp shirt is now available for Winter 2022 and also comes in cream and red

Gift Idea - Women's Heliconia Paradise Top in Black

Women's Jungle Bird Black Camp Shirt - This Jungle Bird print is the black version of the famous red Magnum PI shirt. In the men's style, the red is more popular than the black. In the women's style, however, the two colors are more closely matched. We think the black version is a little easier to wear since black goes with pretty much anything. 

Gift Idea - Women's Jungle Bird Top in Black