calla lily hawaiian shirt in purple

80s Calla Lily Purple Shirt on Magnum PI

Our purple Calla Lily shirt showed up on Magnum PI Season 4 Episode 6. Jay Hernandez wore the same purple shirt that he wore in Season 2 and that Tom Selleck wore in the original series. The cool thing about this shirt is that when the original Magnum PI was shooting in Hawaii back in the 1980s, Tom Selleck came to the Paradise Found office in downtown Honolulu picked this shirt out himself. Usually, it someone from the costume department that picks out what shirts to wear. But for some reason, Selleck himself decided to visit our old office and pick out this shirt. Tim Smith of Paradise Found was at the office that day and said Mr. Selleck was a class act and a pleasure to work with. So while this shirt may not be as famous as the red Jungle Bird shirt, it does have quite a bit of sentimental value to us and we are thrilled to see it make another appearance on the new Magnum PI. 



You don't have to be a on a hit TV show to sport this cool classic shirt. Just put it on and head to your favorite happy hour watering hole for some good times. 

Calla Lily purple Hawaiian shirt happy hour
Happy Hour in a Calla Lily Purple Aloha Shirt