Hawaiian Shirts For Men

Hawaiian Shirts For Men


      You’re on the search for paradise. It’s a place of comfort and relaxation. You’re lounging on the sand, ocean in the distance, and feeling the refreshing breeze pass by. A drink’s in one hand and the untouched landscape, stretching for miles, is yours to enjoy.

      It’s not all about the scenery, however. A Paradise Found Hawaiian shirt transports you to your haven through quality, timeless construction, an effortless feel and a classic, recognizable pattern that brings you to an island oasis. Oh, and all of our Hawaiian shirts for men are actually made in Hawaii. Aloha!

      About Our Hawaiian Shirts for Men

      You’ve likely already seen a Paradise Found men’s Hawaiian print shirt. Ever watched Magnum, P.I.? Whether you were a fan of the Tom Selleck-featuring classic or tuned in for the reboot in more recent years, our Hawaiian shirts were present — specifically, the bold Jungle Bird print.

      It’s not all about the pop culture, though. The aloha shirt gained popularity and transformed into a symbol of the Hawaiian Islands in the 1930s and ‘40s. While the silhouette has returned in various iterations over the years, ParadiseFoundShirts.com is built on tradition. Along with paying tribute to authentic floral and palm prints, we continue to manufacture our garments in Hawaii, delivering luxurious construction and feel at a reasonable price point.

      You’ll notice it from the moment you slip one of our men’s Hawaiian shirts on. Envision yourself in the tropics, close to the azure waves of the Pacific, in 100% soft rayon construction, generously cut for comfort and finished with details like a double-notch camp collar and wood buttons. Several styles come in sizes for men’s big and tall Hawaiian shirts, so every guy can find a tropical shirt for their wardrobe.

      Discover Paradise

      Find your paradise among our men’s Hawaiian print shirts. Return to familiar territory with our Jungle Bird, Bamboo Paradise, Calla Lily or Star Orchid prints, all crafted to capture the nostalgic character of the original aloha shirts. Or, venture into new territory with our modern patterns that pay homage to their predecessors. Explore all options in standard and big and tall sizes to find the best men’s Hawaiian shirts out there.

      Select whatever speaks to you and start your journey. Browse today, and receive free shipping if you’re ordering in the U.S.