100% Cotton Magnum PI Shirt is Back!

100% Cotton Magnum PI Shirt is Back!

In the original Magnum PI TV show from the 80s, Tom Selleck wore many colorful Aloha shirts. But one shirt stood out and has become a cultural icon. That shirt is the red Jungle Bird shirt. It is the shirt that Magnum is wearing at the end of the show’s intro. The shirt has become so associated with the show that it is often just referred to as the Magnum PI shirt. The shirt is one of the mementos from the show that is in the Smithsonian Institute of American History. 

Over the decades, the shirt has been available in either 100% rayon or 100% cotton. For a while, both cotton and rayon versions were in production at the same time. Some people prefer the way 100% rayon shirt stylishly falls and flows while other people prefer the cool comfortable feel of 100% cotton.

Magnum PI Shirt Production History

Before 1983 – 100% rayon

1983 to 1991 – Both 100% rayon and 100% cotton

1992 to 2007 – 100% cotton

2008 to 2021 – 100% rayon

TODAY – Both 100% rayon and 100% cotton

Jungle Bird Magnum PI shirt by Paradise Found

Surprisingly, many people who bought the cotton version shirt way back to the 80’s have contacted us asking if we still made the cotton version. The reboot of the Magnum PI show has increased the awareness of the Magnum PI shirt in recent years as well as various movies and TV shows. This has led to even more people seeking out the shirt including many who remember the cotton version. So finally in 2021, we decided to bring back the 100% cotton Magnum PI shirt so people could choose whichever one they want. We’re also interested to see how the shirt does compared to the super popular rayon one. But no matter what, we are happy and thrilled to be able to bring back the cotton shirt to share with all the Magnum PI fans out there and hope that it brings much fun and joy to everyone!