Watercolor Hibiscus Purple Tank Dress

Dresses Are More than Shirts!

While Hawaiian shirts may have a memorable an iconic name, many are not aware of the beauty and elegance that comes with Hawaiian dresses. Just by the name, one can assume what Hawaiian dresses entail. Hawaiian dresses take the fantastic colors and patterns that can be found on the classic Hawaiian aloha shirts and pastes them onto a dress. These dresses can come in any style, such as spaghetti short, mid-length tank and mid-length cap sleeve dresses. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with women wearing the classic Hawaiian shirts, for some, Hawaiian dresses are the next best thing. Hawaiian dresses provide the best of both worlds for women looking for the bright patterns of Hawaiian shirts, without the long and bulky sleeves. Let's get into it.

Hawaiian Dress Styles

When it comes to Hawaiian dresses, there are many styles to choose from. Listed below are some of the Hawaiian dress styles available at Paradise Found.

  • Spaghetti Strap Short Dresses
  • Mid-Length Tank Dresses
  • Mid-Length Cap Sleeve Dresses
  • Button Front Long Dresses
  • Long Tank Dresses

Each of these dresses provides different pros and cons, each of which are completely subjective and up to personal choice. Spaghetti strap Hawaiian dresses feature a flared silhouette that falls just above the knee, allowing the wearer to move freely. Cap sleeve dresses provide a slightly longer length and a small sleeve for those who prefer that style and feeling. If you are unsure of which style you'd like the most, it can't hurt to try them all!

White Ginger Jade Short Spaghetti DressShort Spaghetti Dress - White Ginger in Jade

Mid-Length Tank Dress - Orchid Ginger in BlackMid-Length Tank Dress - Orchid Ginger in Black

Mid-Length Dress with Sleeves - Hibiscus Blossom in TealMid-Length Dress with Sleeves - Hibiscus Blossom in Teal

Buttons Front Long Tank Dress - Bamboo in WhiteButton Front Long Tank Dress - Bamboo in White

Long Tank Dress - Hibiscus Garden in PeachLong Tank Dress - Hibiscus Garden in Peach

Shop Authentic Hawaiian Dresses at Paradise Found

When it comes to Hawaiian dresses and shirts, it is important that they are authentic. Each of our Hawaiian dresses are made with love in Hawaii, allowing you to embody the spirit of Aloha wherever you go. Paradise Found provides dozens of different styles and designs, almost guaranteeing you find a dress that perfectly fits your personality type. Fans of the class TV series Magnum P.I. may be interested in our jungle bird red Hawaiian dress design, which made an appearance in the popular 1980s action drama series. Whether you prefer a long dress with brighter colors, or a short spaghetti strap dress with less color, Paradise Found has the perfect dress for you.

Find Your Happy Place with Paradise Found

Paradise Found prides itself on its authentic Hawaiian dresses and shirts. All of our clothing provides a luxury feel for a reasonable price; a solid deal for anyone looking for the best bang for their buck. We here at Paradise Found want you to look, feel and exude feelings of confidence, relaxation and comfort. When you look good, you feel good; it's as simple as that. Find your happy place with the help of Paradise Found.