Magnum PI Hawaiian Shirts


      When’s the first time you spotted a Paradise Found shirt? For many television viewers, it was back in the 1980s, on a show called Magnum, P.I. Tom Selleck captivated audiences, but as one factor influencing casual and vacation style for the next few decades, he sported a Paradise Found Hawaiian shirt with our Jungle Bird print. 

      Inspired by the aloha shirts of the 1930s and ‘40s, we started business in the 1980s. Being featured on Magnum, P.I. provided the visibility to find an audience and pay tribute to this garment emblematic of the Hawaiian Islands.

      Today, our approach hasn’t changed. We continue to manufacture our shirts in Hawaii, utilizing 100% rayon construction and a double-notch camp collar across men’s and women’s styles. While we’ve expanded our prints over the years, we understand what resonates with audiences, and continue to deliver a selection of key classics. 

      The Jungle Bird — Our Magnum PI Hawaiian Shirt

      The boldness stood out on screen then, and its intensity hasn’t let up. Our Jungle Bird print, originally in red, had this pull when the original Magnum, P.I. first aired. When the reboot graced viewers’ screens, producers knew certain aspects shouldn’t be retooled. As such, following in Tom Selleck’s footsteps, Jay Hernandez sported the Jungle Bird Hawaiian shirt.

      Other Classic Men’s Hawaiian Shirts

      Although the Jungle Bird put us on the map, we weren’t content to rest on our laurels. Instead, in admiration of the original aloha shirts, we released a series of patterns over the next few decades that have become vacation staples: our brilliant and effervescent Calla Lily print and our deep Star Orchid, featuring a floral pattern on a solid black background. 

      Discover your paradise with patterns that have stood the test of time. Browse our selection today for our Magnum PI Hawaiian shirts and more classics, and get free shipping if you’re ordering from the U.S.