Women's Top 5 of 2021 - Orchid Ginger Royal V-Neck Top

Women's Top 5 of 2021

Now that 2021 has come and gone it's fun to take a look back at last years most popular items for women. 

#5 - Orchid Ginger V-Neck Top

This print was popular in both the women's and men's styles. It comes in royal, red, and black. For most of the year, the royal and red versions were more popular than the black one and in the end, the royal one came out on top. We like this top for it's refreshing color that always puts us in a tropical mood. 

#4 - Bamboo Paradise Cream A-Line Dress with Cap Sleeves

Women's Bamboo Paradise A-Line Dress with Cap Sleeeves

This print has always been popular no matter the year. It comes in cream, black, and navy and all of them are nearly equally popular. Starting in the Spring of 2021, we noticed that sales of the cream color started pulling ahead of the other colors in both the men's shirts and women's styles. It's surge in popularity caught us a little off guard and we were supply constrained for a few months. If it wasn't for that, this dress may have finished the year higher on the list.

#3 - Hibiscus Garden Navy Camp Shirt

Hibiscus Garden Navy Camp Shirt

This lovely top was often ordered with the matching men's shirt. It comes in navy, black, and peach with the navy one being particularly popular for the the life of teh run of this print. Unfortunately, despite it's popularity, we decided to discontinue this print to make room for new prints in 2022. But we will always look back fondly at this resort-like top.

#2 - Jungle Bird Spaghetti Dress

Jungle Bird red Spaghetti Dress

It should come as no surprise that a Jungle Bird print has made it onto the women's Top 5 list for 2021. This print has always been super popular for those who like it because it is the Magnum PI print for simply because of the way it looks. We recently added a couple inches of length to this dress style in our lineup (all prints) to make it easier to wear for more women in more situations. We loved it before and we love it even more now!

#1 - Women's Jungle Bird Red Camp Shirt

Women's Jungle Bird red Camp Shirt

It was a close battle between this and the spaghetti dress. During the summer months last year, the spaghetti dress was a little more popular. But in the end, it was probably the shirts versatility to be worn with more things that won the day. This women's "Magnum PI shirt" makes the perfect compliment to the men's shirt, especially for couples looking for a matching Halloween outfit or just for fun. 

So there you have it, the women's Top 5 of 2021. It will be interesting to see which which outfits do well in 2022. We are discontinuing some prints (as usual) and introducing several new prints which will start appearing on our website later this month. Mahalo for making 2021 a wonderful year and best wishes in 2022!