How the Hawaiian Shirt Connects Tom Selleck and Jay Hernandez

How the Hawaiian Shirt Connects Tom Selleck and Jay Hernandez

Anyone who was alive during the 80s is almost guaranteed to know about the television show Magnum P.I. This action drama featured a strapping man named Thomas Magnum (starring Tom Selleck) who was most famously remembered for three things: his fabulous mustache, his eccentric Ferrari and his iconic red Hawaiian shirt. As the show grew in notoriety, men all over the country flocked to order these aloha shirts just to be able to compare to the ultra-masculine Thomas Magnum. Times have changed, and the newer generations had all but forgotten about the legacy of Magnum P.I.


The Magnum P.I. Reboot

In 2018, it was reported that the legendary show would receive a reboot, with the young Jay Hernandez taking the role of Magnum. This series ran for four solid seasons but was cancelled after a spectacular and emotional final episode in Season Four. The creators of this series recognized the importance of the iconic aloha shirt, and made sure to have Jay Hernandez wearing one in pretty much every episode. He even the exact red Hawaiian shirt worn by Tom Selleck during one of the episodes, something that many Magnum fans surely recognized when they saw it. 


The Magnum P.I. Shirt

If you Google "Magnum P.I." the first thing you will notice is a red Hawaiian shirt worn by the handsome Tom Selleck. Throughout the course of the original show, this shirt became quite the icon. Aptly named the "Magnum P.I. Shirt", many fans were thrilled to see that this classic shirt made a brief appearance in the reboot. So if you are interested in looking as gorgeous and divine as Tom Selleck himself, you've come to the right place. As the manufacturer of the Magnum P.I. shirt, Paradise Found has supplied entry-level luxury Hawaiian shirts since the 1980s. Whether you are looking for an exact replica of the Magnum PI shirt or just somethign that fits your personality, Paradise Found has you covered. 

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