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Women's Camp Shirts


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      The road to paradise leads you to a comfortable camp collar shirt.

      Your vacation can take a number of forms, but your mind is set on the tropics — particularly a private beach where you’re standing by the ocean, wandering across soft white sands. You have no defined itinerary — the journey focuses on relaxation and getting away from it all.

      Your wardrobe, then, reflects this effortlessness — flowing, allowing the warm air to pass through, before you lounge to take in the landscape or go for a plunge. ParadiseFoundShirts.com designs our women’s camp shirts with this vision in mind, building our modern designs off the timeless Hawaiian silhouette.

      About Our Camp Shirts for Women

      ParadiseFoundShirts.com strives for authenticity. We don’t replicate — we pay tribute.

      Aloha shirts — the template for the modern Hawaiian shirt — started gaining traction in the 1930s and ‘40s. Floral and palm frond prints symbolized the Hawaiian Islands and their culture on a global scale. Today, we capture this spirit through laidback construction and by manufacturing all of our women’s camp shirts in Hawaii.

      In pop culture, our Hawaiian shirts have shown up on Magnum, P.I., impressing with their precise confluence of effortlessness and boldness. Today, we craft our luxurious-feeling camp collar shirts from a place of accessibility and aspiration: We want to transport you to paradise, and do so within your price range.

      Beyond the print, our women’s camp shirts depict the tropical vacation experience through their construction. The fabric is 100% rayon, with a soft feeling, and falls around your frame, ready to be paired with skirts or shorts of your choosing. We add a classic yet distinctive pattern to the material or carve our own route with a modern interpretation. Details complete each garment, from the easy to tuck in straight hem to the double-notch collar to the wood buttons down the front.

      Explore Paradise

      Begin your journey on your terms in our women’s camp collar shirts. Browse through timeless and contemporary Hawaiian prints today, and get free shipping if you’re ordering in the U.S.