Star Orchid Aloha Shirt in new navy color

New Color for the Fan Favorite Star Orchid Shirt

The Star Orchid print has been around for a long time...since the 1980s. Throughout the years, we've made this shirt in over a dozen different colors including magenta, pink, lavender, and various shades of blue including this navy color. But for the past 10 years, this shirt has only been available in the classic black colorway

One day while we were looking over old swatches at the office, we stumbled upon an old stack of Star Orchid colors that we've made in the past. The navy color caught our eye so we decided what the heck, let's bring it back. And so we did. At first this print will be available in the men's shirt and we will follow it up with different women's styles. Here's a pic of the two colors side by side. 

Star Orchid men's shirts in black and navy

If this shirt looks familiar to you, it could be because the black shirt was worn by Jay Hernandez on the new Magnum PI series. And Tom Selleck wore slightly different version of this print back in the 1980s Magnum PI. This print has stood the test of time and is still one of our most popular shirts today even after all these years! It is a fan favorite right after the famous Jungle Bird Magnum PI shirt