When Should I Tuck in My Aloha Shirt?

When Should I Tuck in My Aloha Shirt?

One of the questions people often ask us is whether or not they should tuck in their Aloha shirt. Like any other shirt, there are situations where tucking it in is appropriate and others when leaving it untucked is fine. Hawaiian shirts are inherently a casual shirt typically worn on vacation or other occasions that call for a laid back style. So by default, Hawaiian shirts should usually be worn untucked.

There are certain types of Hawaiian shirts that are designed to be untucked. Those shirts are have a “picture” across the shirt sometimes called an “engineered” print or a bottom design print. Here is an example of one of our old shirts below. Tucking in a shirt like this would cover up a key part of the shirt design creating an interrupted look. This would be like covering up the bottom of a nice painting. You could do it, but why would you want to?

Hawaiian Shirt Untucked vs Tucked - Bottom Design PrintShirt with top to bottom designs like this cool surfboard shirt are better worn untucked.

For most other shirts, the decision to tuck or untuck depends on the situation and the look you’re going for and your personal style. If you’re wearing a nice shirt to an event and want to “dress up” your Hawaiian shirt look, then go ahead and tuck in your shirt. However, even under these situations, a nice untucked shirt can still look better than the same shirt tucked in. If it is important for you to achieve a more professional look, then skip the Aloha shirt and wear a dress shirt.

Mini Anthurium all-over print Hawaiian shirt worn untucked or tucked
Some Hawaiian shirts like this Mini Anthurium can be worn untucked or tucked.

Sometimes people wear an Aloha shirt under a sports jacket to create what is sometimes called an “aloha formal” look. On a business trip to Japan to promote Hawaii products and services, for example, all members of the Hawaii delegation were asked to wear an Aloha shirt under their sportscoat or suit in order to look business-ready but with a touch of Hawaii. Any other shirt would be worn tucked in under this condition and wearing an Aloha shirt was no different. Everyone wore theirs tucked in.

But in most situations, you’re probably going to be wearing the shirt in a decidedly casual situation like on vacation in Hawaii or maybe a summer backyard party. And in those obviously casual activities, an untucked Aloha shirt look is totally appropriate.

Another question we get is can you wear Hawaiian Shirts with jeans? You can create a laid-back yet stylish look wearing a Hawaiian shirt with jeans. You don't have to wear any specific type of jean, for example, you could go with a lighter blue jean or a darker more washed out type of jean. Either way the causal simplicity of jeans offer a great balance with a bright or eye catching Aloha shirt. Whether you're in Hawaii or simply channeling the island spirit wherever you are, Hawaiian shirts with jeans are a timeless and classic choice for any casual occasion.