Paradise Found Shirts Worn on Magnum PI reboot

All Our Shirts that Appeared on Magnum PI

Over its 4-season run on TV, many of Paradise Found Aloha shirts appeared on the new Magnum PI. Despite the fact that Hawaiian shirts and Magnum PI are forever linked together, Jay Hernandez did not start wearing Aloha shirts on the new Magnum PI until midway through Season 1. And when he did, he wore shirts that were different from the ones Tom Selleck wore in the original series. We think this may have been intentional so that the new Magnum would not appear to be trying to look like the 80s Magnum. But starting in Season 2, the costume designers of the show started outfitting Jay Hernandez in many of our classic shirts that we have been making since the 1980s. Here's a look at all of our shirts that Jay Hernandez wore during the magnificent 4-year run of Magnum PI.

Magnum Bamboo (black)
The first of our shirts to appear on the new show was in Season 2 when Jay Hernandez wore the Magnum Bamboo black Aloha shirt. 

Magnum Bamboo (navy)
Fast forward to Season 4 and we saw that Magnum wore the navy version of this shirt.

Star Orchid (black)
Later in Season 2, Magnum wore another one of our shirts called Star Orchid. He also wore this shirt in the final episode of Season 4. 


Jungle Bird (red)
The biggest surprise to us was when the show ordered the original Jungle Bird shirt, more commonly known as the "Magnum PI shirt" to appear in Season 2. We think Jay Hernandez only wore this iconic shirt on one episode and even then, it was for just a few moments at the end of the show. It was cool to see that shirt connect the two Magnums decades apart. 

Jungle Bird (black)
Not only did Magnum wear the red shirt, he wore the black one as well in Season 3. Tom Selleck also wore this black version in the 80s.

Calla Lily (purple)
Magnum PI was not the only classic Hawaii show that was rebooted. Both Hawaii Five-0 and Magnum PI were in production in Hawaii and the producers decided to do a crossover episode. And in that crossover, Jay Hernandez wore another one of our shirts that Tom Selleck wore. This one was the purple Calla Lily shirt, which has an interesting history of its own.

Calla Lily (black)
Before the start of Season 4, the costume department contacted us about the black Calla Lily shirt which Magnum would go on to wear wear in the season opener. 

Mini Anthurium (black and red versions)
Tom Selleck first wore the Mini Anthurium shirt in the 80s. The version he wore was blue. But this shirt also comes in red and black, both of which ended up on the new Magnum PI.

It has been a pleasure seeing our shirts on Magnum PI in recent years, just as we enjoyed it back in the 80s. We also had the opportunity to talk to the costume designers on the show and that has give us more insight into the incredible amount of work and attention to detail that they adhere to day in and day out. And while we are sad to see the new show come to an end, we are happy and grateful that fans of the show to get to see Magnum wear our shirts on reruns and streaming services for years to come.