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Hawaiian Shirt Style Guide

Some people may look down upon the legendary Hawaiian shirt for various reasons. One reason may be that they are jealous that someone has the confidence to wear such a flashy outfit. Another reason may be that they’ve only seen people who wear Hawaiian shirts that are too large for them – an unfortunately common occurrence with Hawaiian shirt wearers. If worn correctly, Hawaiian shirts should fit nicely to the shape of your body and not look like you are wearing a blanket. Let's get into it.


As stated above, you must ensure that your Hawaiian shirt fits correctly, or else you will end up looking like the stereotypical Aloha shirt wearer. The Hawaiian shirt should not be too big, and many authentic Hawaiian shirt shops recommend purchasing one size smaller than your regular size. Use the buttons to your discretion. Do not be afraid to fully button-up your shirt if that is what looks good to you. For some, the main enjoyment in wearing Hawaiian shirts is the freedom gained when separating yourself from the dull and emotionless fashion trends of the now. Knowing this, the most masculine of Hawaiian shirt wearers will unbutton some of the top buttons, exposing their glorious chest hair for the world to admire. This shows that you simply do not care about what anyone else thinks, and you are likely not a force to be reckoned with. This tactic is obviously not recommended for women.

top button undone Star Orchid shirt by Paradise Found


It is certainly possible to tuck your favorite Hawaiian shirt if that is the style you are guided towards. Tucking a Hawaiian shirt gives off a more "business ready" vibe while still evoking feelings of relaxation and comfort. While most people do not tuck their Hawaiian shirts, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't. Again, embracing the spirit of Aloha is to feel comfortable in your own skin. If tucking your Hawaiian shirt does that for you; more power to you.

Hawaiian Shirt Tucked vs Untucked (Paradise Found Mini Anthurium Shirt)


Even though Hawaiian shirts are covered in beautiful and colorful designs, they are quite easy to match with a pair of bottoms. Neutral colors (khaki, ivory, white, black and gray) are always a great option when wearing Hawaiian shirts, however some may want to spice it up a bit. If you are looking to don a colorful pair of bottoms to match your 80s tropical shirt, you want to make sure it matches correctly. It is recommended to wear shorts/pants that have at least one of the colors in your Hawaiian shirt's pattern. You can also wear another pattern on your shorts or pants; however, it is best if this pattern is different from the one on top. This will keep your outfit from looking overly tacky and goofy – unless that’s the vibe you’re going for, of course.

wearing shorts that has a similar shade of blue as then Hawaiian shirt

Regional Trends

Although Hawaiian shirts are known to be popular in certain tropical climates like Florida and Hawaii, that doesn't mean you can't wear them wherever you like. There's nothing wrong with wearing a Hawaiian shirt in the hot summers of the Jersey shore. Maybe it wouldn't be exactly appropriate to wear them during a snow storm; however, who are we to tell you that you can't? Forget about what others may think about you and embrace the freedom and confidence that Aloha shirts grant you.

Magnum PI shirt at a football stadium

What To Wear With Hawaiian Shirts 

When wearing a Hawaiian shirt, it's crucial to determine the desired look. For a relaxed yet chic look, a Hawaiian shirt with nice jeans or shorts will go a long way. If you need a more refined outfit, consider placing the Hawaiian shirt beneath a light coat or blazer. This imparts elegance while permitting the Hawaiian shirt's colors and design to shine through. Furthermore, remember to complement the entire outfit with accents like nice pair of sunglasses and necklace to bring it all together. 

Authentic Aloha Shirts

If you've decided to purchase an Aloha shirt, you should make sure that it is authentic. There are too many times where people buy the first Hawaiian shirt they see, only to be let down when the fabric quality, fitting and durability is weak. Make sure you purchase an authentic Hawaiian shirt made in the beautiful islands of Hawaii. This will ensure that love and passion has been put into your special aloha shirt.

Where to Find Quality Hawaiian Shirts

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